Bunny Hunter

Bunny Hunter demo version 2 is now available for download!

The changes in the new version:


  • Fixed map building bug that prevented you from returning home from River Ruins.
  • Fixed an issue with PowerSkill attacks targeting all enemies not causing damage.
  • Fixed an issue with Clayre's bartering that was removing the wrong items.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.


  • Lowered the strength of rats, berserk rats and Lone Wolf, and give more experience.
  • Decreased the stun rate of wasps and bees to 10% and 20%, instead of 30% and 50%
  • Reduced the frequency of combat encounters.
  • In many transition maps it is now possible to run.
  • Decreased stun duration from 2/3 turns to 1/3 turns.
  • Power Skill TP cost reduced.
  • Orange's PowerSkill, Dropkick, now stuns at 30%.
  • Double Bunnyblow doesn't ignore armor.
  • Archery doesn't ignore the armor but increases the TP earned.
  • Stealthed duration decreased from 5/6 turns to 3/5 turns.


  • New level: Haunted mansion
  • New character Yang, 1 sex scene and can use her ability: milk massage.
  • New character Yin, 1 sex scene and can use her ability: carving.
  • New equip: Lucky charms (accessory), Whip (weapon), Kunai (weapon).
  • New materials for crafting with Fluffy (Pelt +).


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Jul 16, 2021

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I can't find the answers for the puzzle that is on the left inside the sanctuary of the goddess. Could someone give me a hand? Also if the secret triforce amulet does more than just make glitter fall from the sky

will you or do you plan on making a patreon?

Not at the moment, this is a test project and I don't want to charge for something unprofessional.

I do it for passion and because I like it, not for money.

id say think of patreon as a means of not allowing the passion to fall. when you have a thing to strive for (releasing for patreons) it gives you as a developer/s a reason to continue. not to mention its easier to follow up on updates and what not as the players.
also dont sell yourself short man, this game is great i would never call it unprofessional, have you seen some of the other garbage people are trying to sell on patreon? you have a fantastic game on your hands and id love to partake in money monthly on patreon to support, even if its a passion project. if your worried about not wanting to charge to much just make the cheapest payment like 1-2 $

Thank you for the encouragement.

For now I'm sticking with my idea. But for a future (Bunny hunter 2, or other projects) I will consider it. In the meantime I want to do this, and I'm working hard to have a good result at the end of February.

im positive it will be fantastic my dude <3

Hello, I have a problem with the gameplay. I don't know how it works, but when I play your game stops randomly

A friend of mine had some similar problems in the first version of the demo. In the second version it didn't happen again. I use RPG Maker and don't know what can cause these bugs, sorry.

thanks! I am very happy about that

(2 edits)

at the part you capture fluffy, it keeps replaying the scene for me

Thanks for the warning. I remove the demo before too many upload it. I am forced to stop for 8 hours, due to my work.