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Bunny Hunter is a JRPG-style Hentai Furry game, suitable for adults only. The story is humorous, made to horny and entertain the player (I call it a Fap&Laught genre). You play as Ben the hunter, affected by a curse that turns beasts into ferocious monsters and bunnies into horny girls. Try to survive the monsters and satisfy the bunnies' sexual urges. Features:

- Basic combat, with character level cap at 20.

- 7 adorable playable bunnies (plus 1 secret) and other sexy characters.

- 3 sex scenes for each bunny, plus more to discover (440 pictures including variants).

- 7 endings (one for each bunny), plus 4 secret endings.

- A few bugs.

The game is completely free (unless you want to make a donation). Sorry for the bad English in the game, but I'm doing my best because I'm Italian and the project is made only by me. Also, this is my first game.

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Have fun!

Updated 3 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorDO! Game
GenreRole Playing
TagsAdult, Furry, Hentai, JRPG, Porn, RPG Maker, Singleplayer


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Lo scaricher貌 solo perch茅 sei italiano 馃槀

Well, I'm stuck on the color puzzle in the temple. I'm super colorblind to the other two colors besides blue so the sequence just blends together. I'm gonna try brute forcing but if someone could help, I would greatly appreciate.

how i can save q-p?

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Currently have one question, I have been playing the game for a good amount and managed to unlock almost everything, all secret stuff, all areas, and all other bunny鈥檚 scenes except fluffy鈥檚 last fun scene, currently  am unaware of how to unlock it ( been trying to figure it out and explore everywhere if I was missing a key item) but I was wondering if anyone may know how to unlock it?

Never mind I managed to figure it out now, for those who have trouble as well finding out- you have to find and interact with a specific art drawing before talking with fluffy. 

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I think I'm stuck in the game...

There's two places I haven't discoverd yet and now every bun has her third scene.

I've been roaming around wolfs den to find snowy peak. I'm 15 hours into the game now O.o

Could anyone help? Or does anyone has a guide?

From from my knowledge,  I believe finishing the wolf鈥檚 den will not take you to the snowy peak, as the wolf鈥檚 den will bring you to find another bunny, and eventually bring more tasks afterwards, from finding a new location and eventually heading to two more areas in finding the last two bunnies, then finding the last one will unlock  will bring up pretty much one more task which will unlock the option (snowy peak) on the map to head to snowy peak. basically will be a straight shot with no areas between, as from my experience. 

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I tried everything, but meh.

According to Jackalope's abilities, I'm missing the 3rd last and the last place. Can you tell me how to unlock them?

Also I still haven't found Blinky the squirrel and am missing Arts 12, 14, 17

how many DOs! Art is in the game? I only need number 11 and I don't know if there is a number 20

There is 20 in total, and interacting with art 19 (if you have them all) will unlock the way of getting the last one, as for 11, I don鈥檛 remember from the top of my head but eventually if that if you keep using blinkys skill, she will eventually give you a art list on where to find them

Anyone knows how to solve this puzzle? I cant find the hints, i did everything in my mind.

Look at the other statues on either side...

thanks but I had to do it randomly because it's bugged and all the statues look to the same side.

Deleted 10 days ago

I don't know what the problem is. Have you tried downloading it again? Did you start the game as administrator?

run as administrator fixed it. thanks 

Cannot read property 'build' of undefined


why dose'nt the download work

God the writing in this game is hilarious. Love it!

22 hours in and i finally got EVERYTHING!!! i had so much fun and i thank you, dev's and all supporters for bringing this beautiful creation to light. it was so much fun and i wanna play it again already!

in that case could you help me find jackalopes gift cause all i have unlocked is the first scene and double penetration

anyone know what im supposed to do with the prized silk?

What a fantastic game , really enjoy it . I liked every moment of the 8:46 hours that i have played. Just wow .

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Does anyone know where to find the second bear trophy

I found it. X marked tree ( tree looks gray)on the first part of the bridge.

Go to river ruined i think there one left


According to jackalopes abilty I'm missing an area, its the middle one on the second page, and I'm not sure if its a secret or if I just didn't activate the bunny teleport thing.

i think that the witch house go to blue forest and do the konami code and you have to fight the witch 

Where can i find Jackalope last gift? 


You have sex with Yin and Yang together, first you put it in one sister, then the other. Afterwards go back to Jackalope who will cast magic on you.

Thank you :) 

Hello, here comes the author馃槝


Honnestly, this game is pretty good the only thing that would make it better in my opinion is a gallery

Also,i drew orange where can i show it to you? If you wanna see it of course

You can post it here, or if you have a twitter account you can tag me, find me @DOGames7.


Ok there you go

Wow! You are good 馃憤


I cant figure out the part of the godess temple thing with the rotating bunnies,  how am i supposed to figure it out

nvm i was sleep deprived and stupid when i asked this

(1 edit)

Just asking is it possible for a sequel or expansion like a gallery ?

also can you marry Clayre or the witch ?

I love this game.

Where is the Glossy Black leather ?

Outside the house...

Found it thank you

i finished the game in a previous version, can i load my saves somehow in the new one or do i have to replay everything from the beginning?

If it was the demo you'd better start it again.

Oh yea.. I forgot it was the demo. Grazie :D

sorry for being late to the party but does anyone know how to get Clayre ?

You have to find the Glossy black leather, go to Fluffy's, after the scene talk to Clayre.

If you want more options, there is an anal plug in Yin's room.

Thank you

I seem to have a problem when it comes to saving
"Error: EISDIR : illegal operation on a directory open, (file name here)"
it only appears when I exit the settings and it does not let me save when i go to the statues
good game tho, finished with the wolf

I can't solve this problem.

Try starting the game as administrator, or re-download it and put it in a different folder.

NPC #3 take my heart she is amazing but like we gonna be able to see their cute faces later?

No, I'm sorry. As an NPC, he has to maintain a certain anonymity.

Great Game ^^Love every Part of it.

But i have to ask? Is there a Way to marry Clayre?

Hi! I'm alredy at the very end of the game, but I still haven't found the last gift to Jackalope and get her 3rd scene, any hints?

(3 edits) (-1)

After I traded the first bear head trophy, is there any way to get a second one to place in the fireplace? I've returned to the cave several times and couldn't find another monster bear. I do found the widow wasp at the blue forest and got a second queen bee sting, don't know if it is usefull for something later on...

One second thing, Blinky mentioned something about the konami code at the blue forest, it seems everytime I try to do it, when going down two times I get back at the forest's exit, I read the other comments and some people told about finding a place in the forest were there is a chest, but I'm unable to find it, is there something else to do before trying it?

Anyways, great job with this game! I'm really appreciating it, it's addicting, really loved it, the bunny girls are so lovely and gave me several bonners LOL

Oops! Nevermind about it, just figured out how to find it LOL

(1 edit)

Really wished the dev added a gallery and instead of jumping to title after ending, jumps to before ending activated. Really annoying having to load again.

Otherwise, was a nifty game. Looking forward to more.

Ps. Gallery could have been a room unlocked after seeing an ending once; with stills you can interact with to see all scenes available / what you're missing.

You're right, for this game it's a bit hard to do, I'll keep that in mind for the new Project Cybernet game.

Just finished your game and i loved it so much. Can't wait to see your future projects

I agree.

How the game progress is saved, it does not appear

You save by clicking on the bunny statues around the world and in your home. There's a tutorial on it right before you leave your house.

No but for real im a bit on the slow side so is there like any hints on how to get the endings(whether it be ingame etc) Im fine with wasting my life on finding all the pictures(but still hints are good)

Use Blinky's skill, keep going and at the end he will give you a prize to help you.

You have a good game coming out)

very juicy bunny :D

Can you open private messages on Twitter?)

Yeah, @DOGames7

Damn, I just noticed the notification. Your private messages are closed. It's impossible for you to write until you open them


Sorry, I didn't realise.

Now you can.

Having a little trouble with the 4 statues puzzle, Either I'm completely wrong in how i'm placing them based on the missing tile, or something just isn't working.

I thought the statue puzzle was easy and it took me a short time. Instead it keeps having problems. I thought I had it solved: if you leave the room the statues position resets but not the position counter, messing up the result. I thought I'd solved it but apparently I haven't. Sorry I don't know how to solve it anymore.

did you load the save from a previous version?

(1 edit)

No, I got the game yesterday on what I assume is the latest version, and basically played non stop till the statue puzzle.

Perhaps there is something in the game code I can set to make the game think the puzzle is done, or reset the position counter to 0?

In theory, if you leave the room everything should reset. I've tried it several times and it works, I don't know why it doesn't work for you.

(1 edit)

Well, it doesn't. It doesn't help that I don't know the exact direction each are suppose to face. I've tried all of them facing toward the open tile, away, and each side as well, even inverting them so they face away (And then toward because that didn't work) from the tile of the statue opposite them.

Even using a teleport stone and going home, and coming all the way back didn't change anything.

Unfortunately I only keep 1 save so I can't go back before any of the puzzles without starting the game from scratch, since going back in time with saves is the only solution to this problem I've found anywhere.

Apparently if you do that puzzle last, as I have after not figuring it out the first time, is what causes this.

Damn it! I'm not putting puzzles in the next game!

I'm so sorry...

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