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Bunny Hunter is a JRPG-style Hentai Furry game, suitable for adults only. The story is humorous, made to horny and entertain the player (I call it a Fap&Laught genre). You play as Ben the hunter, affected by a curse that turns beasts into ferocious monsters and bunnies into horny girls. Try to survive the monsters and satisfy the bunnies' sexual urges. Features:

- Basic combat, with character level cap at 20.

- 7 adorable playable bunnies (plus 1 secret) and other sexy characters.

- 3 sex scenes for each bunny, plus more to discover (440 pictures including variants).

- 7 endings (one for each bunny), plus 4 secret endings.

- A few bugs.

The game is completely free (unless you want to make a donation). Sorry for the bad English in the game, but I'm doing my best because I'm Italian and the project is made only by me. Also, this is my first game.

Follow me on Twitter to be updated on my production https://twitter.com/DOGames7

And on my DISCORD server https://discord.gg/uw4Gkuzmbr

WARNING! The file is compacted with 7z. If you want the game to work perfectly without giving you compatibility issues, I recommend using the APP from ITCH.IO


Have fun!

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(263 total ratings)
AuthorDO! Game
GenreRole Playing
TagsAdult, Furry, Hentai, JRPG, Porn, RPG Maker, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds


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If it is a secret rabbit, how can I unlock it?
of that green silhouette

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You can find her by going to wolf's den. Then get into the cave that she live.

Can you send a screenshot of where she is

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So 2 quick questions:

1 -What do I do with the second queen sting? I've tried asking Blinky but all the tips she gave me I already finished and she says she's already told me everything (I got the art list).
Edit: Found it, give it to Valkiry

2- You say there're 3 scenes for each girl (not counting the secret one I'm guessing), so I'm also missing one scene for Jackalope and Yang but I can't find any more events or gifts for them.
For Jackalope I have the basic scene and DP.
For Yang I have the basic scene and Lying Down.

Was surprised when it said that it was a demo excited for full game

NVM realized I'm an idiot like the game though

my save got corrupted and i lost my three bunnies :(

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never mind...this was solved by a prior post(about 2 years ago?). I was looking at the wrong statue.

I think this is picture#6. Was I supposed to use thor's hammer to break the rock or something? I already gave it to Valkery. Do I have to bring her along to get this picture?

Thats just a decoration behind the statue, not a picture

how do i find the garden key in the haunted house?

you eventually get it if you clear/gain access to all rooms and grab everything collectable. If I remember right, you have to find 2 helmets to put on the pedestals in one of the rooms(dining room?).

How do you enter the final door in the temple aka the pussy door cant figure it out

Use jackelope to summon another golem and defeat it. Then place the orb on an empty pillar/altar to open the door.

thank you 

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jackalope can summon enemyes????

This game got me a bunny girl fetish, and I don't think I'd ever get hard for anything else ever again. All the girls are cute, sexy, and loveable.

how do i make the konami code in the blue forest?

When you enter the blue forest:
up two rooms, down two rooms, left one, right one, left one, right one.

Thank you pal

Stun lasting forever is kinda much and a little boring for battles

I know, I set the status to last from a minimum of 2 turns to a maximum of 3, but for some bug it becomes infinite!

And I can't understand why!

I took a look at it. Stunned (and Sleep) has Auto-Removal Timing set to Action End, which never happens because the state keeps the target from acting. It needs to be set to Turn End instead. You'll also want to have YEP_CoreEngine load before YEP_BattleEngineCore, or else it'll last half as long as it should.


Thank you for the tip!

Love the game great work! However how do I save? My data keeps getting deleted?

If you downloaded the game, each statue with glowing eyes should allow you to save. Not sure beyond that.

How complete is the game currently?


The game is complete, apart from a few bugs (I hope this latest update has fixed the most problematic ones)

Thank you, can I use a controller or...how do I see what control options I have? I just really started here and I'm starting to get used to where to expect things.

RPG Maker allows the use of a controller (I have the xbox one and it works)

Does anyone know how to do the top right puzzel in thw goddess temple?

Download the new version and you will find everything more simple

WARNING: remember to copy the saves from the BunnyHunter\www\save folder before deleting the old version.

For archive reasons....

You flip the 3 switches on the wall and try to keep hearing the bell ringing sound. If you hear a buzzer, try again from the beginning. Get enough bell sounds, the puzzle will complete.

Im stuck in the temple with the statues after I put the golem heart on the altar

Download the new version and you will find everything more simple

WARNING: remember to copy the saves from the BunnyHunter\www\save folder before deleting the old version.

it's the latest version of the game though it's the sanctuary statue puzzle I'm stuck on

I don't understand, can you give me a screen shot?

Ill describe it to you its in the goddess sanctuary on the left what do i do for that puzzle?

Since my upload photos is being retarded I can't send a screenshot

the top left has a hint in the dead man's journal if I remember right. the bottom left I think you have to turn the statues to face the ground tiles that look like you could walk on them.

It needs to be put somewhere.

Hi! Just wanted to say, very great game!! Rlly love your work, especially because the story and gameplay bring a sense of nostalgia and comfort :) Hope you keep up the good work, and we'll always be here to support you!

why does stun last so long?

like no fucking kidding, my whole team got wiped because all of them got stunned

I know, it's a strange bug in RPG maker.

The stun shouldn't last more than 3 turns but for some reason it lingers and I can't find a solution.

What altar is the golem heart talking about?

The Heart goes on the column/alter in the old temple near the 4 statues, just before the "p*ssy" door.

Can you play it with rpg plugin on Joiplay?

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I have an issue, maybe its just me, but I saved the game about half way through and closed it. When I opened it the next day the save was gone. I could not continue the game. Help

I am sorry but I do not know how to help you. I suggest you use the itch.io application if you feel like restarting the game.

Can do, thanks for respond.

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Everyone's talking about using Blinky's skill to find secrets, but I don't even know where to find him/her, lol.

I tried googling, but found no info too. I'm really about to enable cheats :(

Blinky is the last you collect, just play through the game normally and your meet her.

so i am stuck on the part right after you open the study in the haunted mansion what do i do right after that ?

also fantastic game

nevermind i figured out that stone is walkable

i am a moron

still a very good game thoughj

i cant find the 3 forces of sex or a day into the pussy door

use the golem heart on the alta

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Where is the triforce piece you are told to find in the golem cave? either im blind or it just did not spawn

How do i solve the top left room in the goddess temple

Press the red button to reset it, then rotate them so they look (from left to right) down up left right.

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Can someone post the solution to the top right riddle in the goddess Temple? (The one with 3 levers and the color change globe) I have tried every combination that I think the globe displays but none work. The solution is to copy the pattern that the orb displays right?

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What's the "Butler" file in the folder of a game?

Thoughts on why the 4 cyan statues room might still be bugged?
Delightful game (and holy crap, that soundtrack). I just wish I hadn't have gotten bugged up.

I looked into it enough that I can explain it. There are four things involved here:

  • The visual positions, which are the only thing the player sees but which the game doesn't care about,
  • Switches, which say if the statue is in a solved state,
  • Variables, which track how many times the statues have been turned so the game can set the switches and self switches and, for most statues, reset the variable itself when it gets high enough,
  • and Self Switches, which when set normally only reset the corresponding switch the next time the statue's turned and then unset themselves.

The reset button only resets the statues' visual positions and variables, which means the game thinks any that were in a solved state still are. For the statues that need two turns to solve, this isn't a problem. For statues that need one turn to solve, the self-switch function is activated after the switch is activated, so you'll need to turn it a full revolution to get it into a solved state.

For the statues that need three turns to solve, however, the self-switch is also used to reset the variable. This means that pushing the button while those statues are solved causes them to end up offset by one until they're reset while in an unsolved state.

So if the statue puzzle gets bugged, then hit the reset button, turn every statue until it's in neither its starting position or the solving one, then hit the button again to properly reset them.

...Or if you were asking what bugs it in the first place, then the answer is that leaving the room and re-entering only resets the visual positions, and trying to use the reset button causes the problems I just explained.


Great explanation! However I found a way to avoid the problem and in the next version it will be fixed (I don't use variables but only switch and auto switch).


great game, love the bunnies although i was hoping one of them would be a boy when we went to the mountain, and after making the bondage suit with fluffy you cant go into her room without the scene replaying so shes kind of broken.

I can't extract the file I need help

Use itch.io app



Deleted 103 days ago

1. Around the new house.

2. Blue forest, konami code...

Use Blinky's skills to discover secrets.

How do you get Yin's third scene? 

I've been looking for a clue about it by searching through the comments including F95 but can't find it, so can you you guys give me a hint on how to get it?

Ancient temple, in one of the houses outside, there is a dark souls reference.

I am a player from China, I would like to know how to achieve all endings

Deleted 144 days ago
Deleted 144 days ago

Does anyone know how to get the art n.09? I cant find it anywhere

I came for sexy bunny girls, but stayed for the laugh.

How do i solve the goddess sanctuary first room, left puzzle?

there's no hint, im stuck


You're supposed to rotate them so that the two on the left are facing right and the two on the right are facing left, like the unmoving statues next to them. If you've already messed with them then you'll want to use the reset button, but it looks like that's a little wonky.

For the bottom two statues, you'll need to hit reset, then turn them once or twice, so that they're not facing their starting direction nor their intended direction, then hit reset again.
For the top two statues, turning them four times after hitting the button will finish resetting them if they need it.

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Just 100% your game enjoyed it thoroughly it you should make a patreon i would Support future creation of whatever games/rpg`s you make also #ValkrieGang Also i assume 20 is max level i hit 20 and couldnt level any higher

Is this the current Finished product that we can download on itch or do you have a further developed version on patreon i hate playing a game on itch only to realize im playing an old version and have to start all over hah

The game is finished, there may be bug fixes, but it seems to be working quite correctly now

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