Project Cybernet

I created Bunnygotchi to do some testing but also to give you a very small Christmas present, BUT I am actually continuing with Project Cybernet.

Making all the tilesets from scratch is challenging.

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Nice! Awaiting something cool, hope you can enjoy  making this! 


Awesome~ You do great work, and I hope it's all running smoothly for ya. Also, Happy holidays!!!


What type of game is Cybernet gonna be? I'm curious.


is a Japanese-style RPG like Bunny Hunter. But this time I am redesigning everything and it will be much bigger and more extensive, with an explorable map.

Lots of fuckable Npc's and better drawn sex scenes and I was thinking of adding audio tracks like in Bunnygotchi.

The combat system will focus on resistance and vulnerability to certain elements called 'codes'.



holy shet I'm excited

Man now im MORE exited for the game!