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is there anyway to keep saves between versions, I'm on windows.

Manually. Go to the game folder/www/saves, then copy-paste


Ver 1.2.2

Latest bug fixes:

- Jackalope's sex scene number 2 is re-perishable (but only if you haven't already given him liquorice).

- Haunted Mansion, the kitchen ghost doesn't return after killing him.

- Minor graphical glitches.

- The Luminous Ring is equipable.


Just finished up a playthrough and it was so well done.  I love the art style and characters.  I did have a question regarding Valkiry's lewd scenes.  I have all 3 skills for her, did the bear head one and gave her the pink "sword", but I've only seen 2 scenes for her.  Is there another I am missing or was the first meeting considered a different scene?  Thanks and great job, looking forward to your next project.

Thank you very much for your comment.

The scene in which Valkiry is "doing" herself is counted.

I thought so.  Thanks for the clarification.

This is the some wholesome and good RPGMaker made hentai games ever played. :3

Thank you very much for the compliments!

This is some of those games that I don't delete when I put it in my games and useful for me that saves storage for a potato pc and waiting for a new update and keep up the good work ^^.

Is it just me or does the whole blue forest konami code secret not work

It works. A little help, after the first passage north, follow the fireflies.

Very much appreciative of this game <3 very glad it exists, and hope the updates are going well

Thank you very much!

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Not quite sure where Do! Art n.13 is at because I'm not sure what the Do! Art List means by "first forest (return)". I thought it meant the Bridge for a while but I never found it there. Does anyone know where to find it?

You must go to Jackalope and have him teleport you to the starting forest (the one where you met Orange).

what does the luminous ring do I saw the witch enter into the hunter's old house and I can't equip the ring for some reason 

If you want to do the wich ending you need the ring to use the konami code at blue forest

Nope...The ring should only counteract spells, but is not necessary to find the witch. However, you equip it as a good luck charm.

I can't equip it that is the main problem also is there a reason why the witch was in the hunter's old house

Collecting samples for some potions

how do I collect samples I don't even know how to initiate that quest

also I already got the ending without the house I just wanted to know the rings involvement 

Hey, not sure if it's engine bug or development mistake - in the new mension, next to the statue, there is a bag. When the player grabs it, there's a moment where you can see a sprite of nuts (probably a special item for scene) and then they are gone.

That was the earlier location of a powerup or it's just an engine bug?


Small mistake, it simply started the animation like those of a chest but not having the right sprites. Corrected, thank you.

do you have plans to make a sequel? 

I am working on a new project. As soon as I have something to show you I will post it.

Deleted 114 days ago

You can only save by using the goddess statues

Will the game be available for android?

Not at the moment, sorry.

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I have discovered a bug with jackalope, after you get liquorice and give to her you can't repeat the scene

You're right.

I fixed the problem but there's another one I can't fix: If you saved after giving liquorice to Jackalope I can't find a way to activate the scene you need.

I hope you kept a save before, so with the next version you can give licorice again and redo the scene as many times as you want.


Sight... What I thought was the easiest puzzle is the one that creates the most problems.

I fixed another bug in the Ancient Temple in the room of the 4 blue statues. Should be 100% solved.

I've now posted version 1.2.1 for this.

Apologies to all.

I have a bug i guess. i killed the golem twice and made the gun with the first heart, now i wanna use the secound one i got on the altar buuut i cant interact with the altar. so i cant put anything on and so i cant open the ,,door,,

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The real altar is this.

oh.... thank u XD

Help I don't know how to solve the puzzle of the blue statues in the ancient temple I've been 2 hours :,c


It may be that you saved after the bug was triggered. If you have a previous save try starting from there.

Having found out what the problem is and solved it, I immediately reposted version 1.2.1.


i dont remamber the position of the first left one, but the rest of the statues look at the left

so just spinn the last one until it works <3


Here is version 1.2

Fixed bugs

- Ancient temple: fixed the problem with the 4 blue statues puzzle.

- Snowy peak: fixed the design problem that prevented access to liquorice.

- Teleportation: now weather effects are no longer added when leaving Snowy peak.

how to do blue statue puzzle


Bug fixed with version 1.2, you can now continue with the game. ;)

Remember to copy/paste your saves.

Sight... What I thought was the easiest puzzle is the one that creates the most problems.

I fixed another bug in the Ancient Temple in the room of the 4 blue statues. Should be 100% solved.

I've now posted version 1.2.1 for this.

Apologies to all.

Well, I should have made multiple saves. The blue statue puzzle is broken, the one with "C". I am going to give up, I played it too long and that one part has stopped me. I will probably come back to it. Very cute and sexy game. Already Valkiry and Yang are my favorites. Good job at designing cute bunny girl characters, and a cool game. Cheers!


Bug fixed with version 1.2, you can now continue with the game. ;)

Remember to copy/paste your saves.

OK, thank you!

Sight... What I thought was the easiest puzzle is the one that creates the most problems.

I fixed another bug in the Ancient Temple in the room of the 4 blue statues. Should be 100% solved.

I've now posted version 1.2.1 for this.

Apologies to all.

i do wonder what kinks are in the game? like anal and stuff


Anal with Yin (always), Orange and Clayre (she also does bondage, but for anal you have to find an object in Yin's room, but if you look hard enough you'll see what it is).

Sorry for the late reply! But thank you! (Also im suddenly very interested in this Yin character...)

bro after i open game and my data mostly lose data i already save game yesterday before i close game man what the hell fix problem about data saves

I don't know what can cause this problem.

Theoretically it should only be if you use saves from the demo version.

Played this on Joiplay and had an absolute blast getting all the endings!! I was confused when I saw demo tho. Is this a demo, or completed game (aside from bug fixes ofc)? will there be any more amazing games like this? God I can't wait. Great job!! :D

Some criticism now tho. A couple of grammar errors lol. But nothing major. I do remember a spell not being translated in the description. A couple lag spikes, but that could be me and joiplay (mostly occurred when getting a crit).

All in all. Great game!! Does this make me a furry now? I sure hope not. XDD

Thank you.

This is no longer a demo, the game is now finished and I'm just fixing bugs.

I know it's short but the next project I promise will be bigger and more varied.

This game is great! Just wished there was a way to change the girls clothing (maybe there is and i just didnt find it) , but other than that this is a 10/10 for sure.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. The change of clothes is too complicated to add now.

This is awesome! Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

When I try to do the konami code in the blue forest all it does is bring me back to the first area. What should I do instead?

im having the same issue, i go north north, south south and then im back at the 1st area, where i cant go left or right. bummer cause that locks me out of both the bad end and the end from collecting all 20 art pieces, since i cant get to the witch

The first area does not count, if you start from there to count you have to do north north north.

Yes, but when you go south south it brings you back to the first area

No, you went north one time too many.

On the second screen in the north, go south.

A word of advice, follow the fireflies after the second screen in the north.

If you continue further north you will find a surprise high (continuing for several screens)

Thanks, the fireflies tip really helped. Wonderful game!

Where is book 6? I left behind every statue in the goddess temple. I didn't see it

I also found the problem that caused the blue statue puzzle in the Ancient Temple not to work properly. The problem occurs if you press the buttons again after solving the puzzle. I will fix this on Tuesday as well.

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Author Somebody  have this blue zone near hunter house. How to open it?

Maybe is the teleport to the godness inside the house, or a galery of all images

Yes, in the end I deleted that passage because you can go to the shrine from the cellar teleporter.

Can you also say for jackalope you write she need liquor but in snow peek cant found it anywhere I search all loation every cave or wall and nothing

I see what the problem is!

Liquorice is right here, but because of this tree you can't get through... what a huge design mistake.

On Tuesday I will make the corrections and post a version 1.2

Im having some trouble to find one of jackalope's scenes i already have the dovle penetration but i cant find the doggy standing ( as shown in dev logs) can you give me a hint to where i find or something i must do?

You have to give her liquorice. You'll find it somewhere in Snowy Peak.

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in wich part, close to the boss, inside the cave, or before the cave? because i can't seem to find and im trying to associate liquorice with a botlle if isn't a botlle then im gonna look harder (after 20 minutes looking i could not find, i have checked every place even tried to look for secret doors, nothing, also found a bug but still no item. Bug: weather types snow or fog some times stay when yo teleport homeand can stack together making your screen almost unusable)

Have same issue cant found this liquorice

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Maybe is bugged and the item won't show up. Also found another bug in the game in the haunted mansion. Bug: afer you defeat the ghost lady, she still appear but only in the kitchen, and only after you go to the basement, it won't make any noise and won't make the animation when she show up, just pop in existance, also imortal even when you use jackalope powers

I have to check these bugs.

Liquorice should be in the very first screen, on the right, but I need to check.

Maybe there's some mistake, I'll take a look as soon as I can.

im also confused on how the statue rotation puzzle works in the sanctuary. there's no visual clues to help me, i got no idea what to do

In the Goddess Sanctuary or in the Ancient Temple?

If it is in the sanctuary look at the other statues nearby, if it is in the temple, there is a kind of 'C' at the base, point the statue towards the empty space. For example, the first one on the right must look to the right.

aight thanks

confused on what the comment from "loverofallholes" wants me to do. there doesn't seem to be any hints on how to do it (i checked blinky)

Talk to yin

i have, she doesn't say anything about it

You must choose to "Have fun with her".


ok i have found all the 4 secret endings,
1st:Real bad ending - go in the maze at blue forest, go until you get a room with a chest, do konami code, battle a wich, titfuck her some times and chose to dilpell the curse.
2nd:Alien ending - after you get to the last boss (the big black bird) go to wolfs den, in the first entrance there will be smoke showing up in the roof go in and enter a new level at the back of the den, go into the space ship, get the blaster at the center of the ship, go to the storage outside of you'r home and talk to A-lin, then go to snowy peaks at the boss area
3rd: Godess Kinght - talking to the squirrel you find the location of the sex tryforce (one is at the river ruin, walk on the liliepads to get the piece, the second is at snowy peaks at the lava area, is in the flaming wall, the last piece i don't remember) build the sex tryforce and go to the god realm, fight the goddes and chose to be her kinght
4th: Harem marriage - get all sex paintings, (if you wanna speedrun the location give to the squirrel a ton of fragments, she will hand you a "book" that contain the locations, thera are 20 in total), in the last one you find a note, go to snowy peaks and go to the dead tree there you will find 8 rings, after that talk to claire ( i think that is her name) and chose wedding, on that point you can chose to marry one or all.

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Bravo! Well done... but watch out: if you don't use Blinky's ability until he tells you about the earthquake in Wolf's Den, you won't find A-lin.

Does anyone know how to get to the witch house?


In the Blue forest ;)

I can’t figure out the konami code secret. Does anyone know how to do it?

In the Blue forest you have to follow the directions of the arrows in the Konami code: north, north, south, etc...

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whenever i exit out of the game and open it back up my save is gone is there something have to do

I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Try starting the game as administrator.

So I tried to do the bunny sanctuary puzzle at the left, and I cant seem to know what to know what to do.

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In the Goddess Sanctuary or in the Ancient Temple?

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Game is still cute as fuck.
Now i have awkward bonners every time i see characters like lola bunny - bugs bunny niece if i recall. Just kidding, but i love the game.

The art is really cute while still being sexy and the game is fun to play overall. Even though its just a catch and fuck them all kind of thing it doesn't get boring. Place like the goddess temple are extremely well thought and immersive to some degree, while the puzzles are not that hard.

If anything the game's overall lack of difficulty would make it a bit dull if not for the cute bunnies and sex scenes, but hey, tis a porn game, wouldn't want to need blood in my brain...

Got a bit of a glitch in the godess temple. The one with the turning statues and the blue buttons. I found the solution, but was trying all combinations instead of following the hint. So i moved too fast and kept moving the statue after the solution was "found". Due to that the trial couldn't be completed and i had to load a previous save.

Oh, and devs, just a tiny bit about language... I know you're italian, not english, and overall it's fine, but could you please change pronouns from "he" to "she"? I mean in the late part of the game you refer to bunnies using the "he" pronoun. "He" is for dudes, "she" would be for women... I don't mind the few other mistakes but male and female differenciations are kindda important to me in a porn game.

Also Jackalope's "deadly vine" skill description seems to still be in italian.

Thanks for the review! For the grammar I'm sorry, the translator doesn't see the bunnies in the feminine and always puts them in the masculine. As soon as I have time I'll look over everything.

No need to be sorry, really.

Just bunny girls being reffered to as "he" is a bit of a bonner-killer for me...
Now to each their own, i don't judge.

Plus rabbit/bunny is indeed a masculine noun in most language.
But female rabbits would still be a "she"... all the more if it's technically a bunny-girl

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