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how do you get the pink mace weapon from the temple? Blinky had a note about it but I  can't find anything

I gotta say, this is some of the best furry art/designs I've seen in a while. Are there any plans for more games like this?

I seem to have a problem that I have no idea how to fix. It has to do with saving. I  save at the statues, and while I have the game open, those save files are available. But if I close the game, and load it back up, my save files are all gone.  I looked through the comments, and saw that a www/save file was mentioned. 

I looked through the file that I downloaded, and while I was able to find the www file, but there is no save file in there. These are the files that I found: audio, data, fonts, icon, img, js. Am I supposed to add the save file myself? If so, how? I tried uninstalling and redownloading multiple times, playing to the point in which you can save, but the save file never appeared. I would like to play more than just the first few hours of the game. If someone can tell me what is going wrong, I would very much appreciate it. 


Try starting the game as administrator or downloading it via the itch app

Thank you. I was able to get it working now. 

how do you run the game as administrator? I can't find any ways on doing that

right-click on the 'game' icon, run as administrator

I found it by moving the game files out of WinRAR and was able to do it, thanks for the help

you will not have put the save of another game? because it happened to me and that was why

so i went through the game exploring and looting everywhere so i dont get where the last triforce thing is i have sex and oral but have no idea where the last one is

Snowy peak in the lava area there is a hole in wall, glowing red. thank me later ;)

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I cant get to the herb to unlock jackalopes last scene the trees are blocking the way.  is anyone else getting this?  I am getting other weird collision things like walls sometimes not being walls and things that aren't are

You are right, for some reason an old bug has been restored.

I will now correct it.


it is now OK

remember to back up your saves from the game's www/save folder and try to re-download it

thank you!

Is it possible to transfer saves from the previous version ?

copy the files from the www/save game folder

thank you

Anyone know how to get Blinky's 3rs sex scene?

I'm sorry, but how long does the stun last? the first boss always stuns me, and for some reason the stun doesn't go away


There is a problem with rpg maker, alterations should last 3 turns maximum but sometimes they last indefinitely.

I remove the stun from the first fight, otherwise it's too difficult.

Amazing game! Are you planning on adding male and futa bunies too?  


Not in this game. Maybe in the next one.


Understood, thanks for the response dev. 

I have some troubles downloading. Instead of the classic File showing. its a blank paper. And which means i cant really play it. The game looks cool certainly, Its a shame i cant get in.

You probably do not have the programme to unpack the file. Try downloading the itch app and using that.

Ayy it works. Thank you! <3

Discovered a glitch in the haunted house, if you go into the kitchen basement you cannot leave and will be trapped because the stairs do not trigger properly. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else. 

Great game though lol, I cant wait to see more from the creator of it.


I had the same problem. i just redid it and took each tile one at a time. and that worked.

Lovely fun game.
A suggestion/request though: The archive version works when you download and unzip it, but has their own client as an option for keeping games up to date, and the archive doesn't appear to be formatted in a way that the client can read/install/manage it. Any chance you could look into making Bunny Hunter, and hopefully Bunnygotchi, compatible with the itch client?


Honestly... I don't know what you are talking about 😅. First I'll try to understand what you mean and then I'll see what I can do.

Hopefully it makes more sense seeing this Download App -

There's also a guide that's supposed to help Game developer guide · The app book - itch.i

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I gave it a try with Bunnygotchi and it works!

Tomorrow morning I'll post him and get back to Bunnyhunter (maybe I'll make some corrections, like the damn statue puzzle)

Thank you for letting me know that there is an itch launcher

I'm happy it helped and happy that you are open to constructive feedback. Keep up the great work!

the type of file won't download properly 

please explain how to make it a playable file asap please

Unzip the file using winrar and open the folder, there is the 'game' application.

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Spoilers ahead:

I can't do the Konami Code at the Blue Forest maze, since everytime I get to the "Down, down" part, it goes for another section  of the map. Blinky says I had to bring Sunny with me, but that also didn't seem to work. Was that supposed to happen or am I missing something I had to do in order for it to work?

By the way, just noticed that, although I got all the 3 gems, there are only 2 of them in my inventory. I checked all of the 3 places and they were all picked up, so... I can't progress. Can I know/see what happens if you get them all and use them, at least?

1. you must also count the first screen for the code. Try following the fireflies. Sunny isn't needed to get there, but if you meet the witch and get a boob job, if Sunny is in the group learn how to do it too.

2. if you are referring to the three force stones, they are key items, unsalvageable and non-disposable, so if you found them, that means you have them. The first stone is where in the secret passage south to river ruins, where there are water lilies. Look at the bubbles in the water. The second piece is in snowpeak in the cave with the lava and the third in the temple, where you faced the golem. You need them to unlock the secret ending of the goddess.

I did get all three force stones, but only 2 of them remain in my inventory. Even before I sent this report, I checked the place for each stone and they were all taken, as I thought.
Blinky said I was missing 2 stones: the one at the lava area and the one in the water. I hadn't taken the lava one at the time, but I did take the one at the water in river ruins.

If you want, I can send screenshot of every place and my inventory, but I don't see a reason for such thing. Must be a bug that I'll just have to live with

I'm sorry, it's a very strange bug...

You'll see that with Project Cybernet things will get better.

Sorry for posting again so soon but I forgot something. Would it be possible to make it so we can trade more than one item off Claire at a time please? Right now you have to trade one at a time and you get booted out of her dialogue/shop when you do.

Rpg maker has limited options, it gets complicated.

I've had fun with the game so far but I've also noticed a few things that need fixing or looking into.

Sometimes skills and power skills refuse to work when selected forcing me to use another skill or none at all. For example I can't get Sunny to use encouragement as when I try to select the party to cast it NOTHING happens every time I try

Status icons seem to stack or otherwise only one shows up. I suggest you allow more than one to be visible so we can better know what effects good or bad are upon a character

Showing/telling the controls for the game would help for the longest time I thought there wasn't a run button till I hit right mouse too much during combat

We need a menu option that allows us to manage the inventories of the bunnies while at home. As of now the only way to do this is by heading out from the home, picking the bunnies you want to manage, equip them with what you want, then head back home to do it again. It's very clunky and in my honest opinion unnecessary

I also find it odd we can encounter a female boar in the First forest so if you didn't get the weapon off Claire you can get it then but the same can't be said of other bosses like the Bear or White Lady wolf. Is there a possibility of allowing us to re-fight them to get all the rewards? If not I guess that lends itself to another playthrough I just thought it would be a nice addition.

1. The resources of rpg maker are limited, if I use too many plug-ins it starts to crash.

2. Strange, in any test it didn't give me the same errors.

3. I hadn't thought of that... :P

4. See 1.

5. There are hidden bosses, use Blinky's skill, it will give you clues.

Thanks for the replies DO! I understand there's some things you can't do anything about any game engine has limits. Still I hope I gave you some ideas or helped in some way as I only want this and any game to improve and become the best they can be.

I just wish I knew why I can't get Sunny to use encouragement and why other skills sometimes refuse to work initially till I back out of their menu and try again. With any luck the answer will show itself soon.

Excuse me... do you use a mouse or a keyboard?

Maybe the problem is that with the mouse it doesn't allow you to choose the target among friends when using skills that apply to the entire party. Try pressing "bar" or "enter" or "z" to confirm and "x" for cancel.

Because I just tried it and it works (I usually play with the keyboard).

Ah ok I will try that as I have been using just my mouse so far. Thanks for the tip and reply.

Ok, the game is really fun. you said you fixed the bug in 1.2.1 but i'm playing 1.2.2 and the bug with the statue puzzle seems to persist. either that or i'm missing something/the answer changed. (I can't find the solution and can't figure out how to solve it. I actually looked it up and only found a video and I'm using that solution without it working

Sorry :(

The problem is that if you leave the room the statues reset their position, but not the movement counter, so the solution changes every time you leave and enter the room.

If you take a previous save and do the right puzzle without exiting it works, otherwise you have to go by trial and error.

It's something I just couldn't solve....

Maybe I'll try removing it directly.

This is an awesome game, and I see you've put a lot of work into it. But I do kind of feel sorry for all of the monsters we have to kill in order to progress, especially the hot monster girls. I mean if you can add a squirrel and alien to your harem, couldn't you spare the other creatures as well?

и это все? ну, то есть я добрался до Ancinet Boddess и вроде как посмотрел ролик и телепортировался домой, я прошел игру или нет

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i cant find DO! art9 where do i find it?

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I hope femboy bunnies are in the bunnygotchi game. I wish you luck on finishing it.

In this game bunnygotchi gonna be impregnation and pregnancy?

Nope, this is a small and simple game (I made it in 2 months). No complicated stuff.

abra version en español

Author hope we can see from you picture with daughters of Sunny(sexy busty bunny from your game) and Mc (like they have two busty sexy bunny daughters) in same wedding lingerie that you put in game please

The snow of the mountain is everywhere how do I get rid of it

try using the teleportation skill, otherwise it must be another bug.

My game's progress keeps resetting how do I fix this

I don't know...

Try starting the game as administrator or move it to another folder.

How do I save progress

since i played it for 3 hours, then i turned off it my saving were all loss..

Go to the statue in your home or one out in the world with glowing eyes then click Z to interact with it and save.

I tried to do the Konami code in the blue fore but everytime I go south twice it takes me to the entrance

Does anyone know how to get one of yangs scenes? I have 'from behind' and 'lying down' but I can't figure out how to get the other one. It's the only scene I haven't got yet.

foxes in the wolf's den sometimes drop special milk. show it to her ;)

Welp, still haven't found Blinky and Snowy Peak. Could anyone help me out?

I forget what triggers it, but you should unlock an area called "Blue Forest". Travel there and chase the squirrel. Follow the questline after that, and you will unlock Snowy Peak. Hope this helps some.

I've extracted the rar file, from there what do click to finish download

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9 hours played, loved every one of them! Very nice game, thanks a lot DO! Game.

still hosted on another site for me. can't download from the app.... any fix soon?

So just downloaded the game and realize a rar and don't know how to play the game

you can use a program like 7zip to extract it.


I'm having a hard time to find Jackalope's 3rd scene, anyone could help me?
I've found all 3 scenes for the other bunnies but I only have 2 for Jackalope.

Same here, no idea :(

At the snow peaks in the first area, near the entrence on the right side near the corner is some green plant that is a gift for her.

the second one is by doing 3-some with yin and yang and then talking to Jackalope about s3x

Many thanks 

I alredy got the scene after baging the twins then talking to Jackalope, but I never realized about that plant at snowy peak

thanks, didn't notice it!


14 hours of gameplay and loved every single second of playing it, ya truly did a good job in this game(although there was some bugs)

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