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Hopefully there will be a way to have them all be the Main characters wives and have children but depends on what the writer wants

Fluffy gonna be great mother but you write that dont want spoilers but I hope that  Yin and Sunny also gonna become mommas please!!!

really enjoying the game so far. excited to go and see what i missed and looking forward too the complete game. i looked for how too support you or at leave give a tip but i saw you explain the patreon below. i can understand that just hope the option is there when completed cause this is a gem i was happy too find and keep it up! 

Thanks for the compliment 😆

Developer I know somebody ask you and you write that some of bunies gonna become impregnated and be mothers of mc fluffy kids. Can we hope that this bunnies gonna be Yin,Sunny and Fluffy please!!! They really sexy and they really perfect variant for becoming mothers of mc kids. And maybe also Blinky

🙃 no spoilers, but...

It will be 4 endings (you guys convinced me to put in 2) where Ben will have kids... one of the bunnies wants to be a "good wife"😉

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I love the premise of the game, the character design is very pleasing. The game crashes often but it's enjoyable when it works. If the player could manually save in the menu the crashes would be less devastating. I can't wait to play the full game, hope the frequent crashes get fixed.

You're not the first one to have crash problems, but I'm not a programmer and I don't know what causes these bugs. It's probably one of the plugins but it doesn't crash for me and I don't understand what it could be, sorry. I hope to solve the problem anyway.

can't wait for the full release, with this quality i'm wondering why didn't make  a patreon


This is my first work in RPGMaker and I'm still experimenting. For now I'm not opening a patreon because I want to create something simple and feel free to do what I like.

I'm glad you like it.

como salvar o progresso do jogo

i loved

Has a way of transferring saves when updating been added yet?


sorry but no.

However, I recommend you to play it again when the final version is released, because many things will be added.

Yeah sorry, I don't want to play through it multiple times each time an update comes out, but I definitely will come back when it is finished. Do you have an idea on when it may be finished?


There will be no more updates until the final version. I had hoped to have the game out by Christmas, but I realise there is a lot of work to do. I'm going to do my best in the hope of giving you a Christmas present.

Me playing the first time: OMG, this game is awesome.
Me playing for the second time reading the second part of the credits image: Aspetta un secondo, ma sei italiano/a! Cavolo, non vedo l'ora che sia finito per giocarlo tutto!

Grazie mille compare!

Non sai che fatica sto facendo con l'inglese XD

Beh, a leggerlo mi sembra molto buono. Comunque tranquillo, ho visto diversi giochi da autori non inglesi con errori qua e là, addirittura c'è gente che tira avanti le Machine Translation. Quindi nessuno ti giudicherà troppo se dovessi scrivere un inglese un po' legnoso.

is it just for me that the save feature didn't work?
i got even more sad after i had finished the game in one sit and when i logged back in the next day my progress was lost
don't get me wrong i really liked the game and won't mind playing again but i just want to log in and continue doing a 100%

If you're referring to the saves between demo version 1 and 2 that's how it is, sorry. If you're referring to the same version and the saves got corrupted, I don't know what could be causing the problem. The final version, when it's ready, I recommend replaying it because I will be adding and changing things.

ok i downloaded it again and now the save works!

for some reason i am unable to catch the second bunny do you know why

If using the mouse, click on the rabbit when it passes through the tall grass. If you use the keyboard, same thing but remember to be directed towards it.

I tired that and it still doesn't work also it goes through the walls so I don't know if ots broken or something

Another bug... I don't understand why sometimes these bugs appear and sometimes not...

Thanks for the report.

Deleted 187 days ago

Do you mean the ornamental helmets in the haunted house?

You can find one in the rooms on the second floor (guest room, you need the key).

The other one is in the little lady's room, the teddy bear wears it.

The way to get there, you have to go from downstairs and climb the rope in the room with the diary, to enter you need the Maid's key.

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   I've said on my review how promising the game is and mentioned it's positive features, but i'd like to elaborate on what i think could be improved here, other than the obvious like the spelling mistakes which can easily be fixed, i think the pacing of unlocking areas and acquiring bnnuys was too fast, i believe this is due to the fact it's a demo, but for example: when i first played the game i played the old version that had the OP rats, i got to the wolf boss then updated my game to V2. everything after this point was a complete steam-roll, i never again had to go back to the home to sleep because i was burning through bandages too fast, i did every other area in one go because i was always stronger than the enemies, so maybe there could be added a hard mode for players that like a slower pace and want to see more of the rpg element. 

   To add to the previous paragraph, there's no reason to save the boar skin for the boar armor in the beginning because the crossbow or knives are much better. Maybe the armor would be worth it if Ben took the role of a tank and had a "taunt" skill or something, were all the enemies focused on him and maybe he gets a small defense boost when doing it.

   Also, i think it would be nice if in there was a way of killing the bosses again, like there is a small random chance that you will find them when roaming around certain areas. This would be cool for getting 100% but i think it should only be avaliable for endgame otherwise Ben would be too OP. 

Also also i think it'd be cool to have anthros of other species, not just bnnuys, though i guess you are already working on this, but still.

i hope you can read this (lol) and that you find someone to translate the game for you, i like your game and think it's pretty cool.


Thank you so much for the advice, and I want to respond right away.

I feel the same way, but too many people complained about the difficulty level for this "type" of game. Making different difficulty levels wouldn't be bad but I think it's a bit difficult now (it's my first game and I'm still learning how to use the program). I don't think it would be hard, but I'd rather focus on making the finished game.

Then I might try to create different modes.

The "taunt" idea is cool...I just need to figure out how to do it and I'll incorporate it.

The game will allow you to hunt down missing creatures in the endgame. The character of Blinky (the squirrel girl) will have an ability tied to helping the player find the game's secrets by giving hints.

Human characters... there is one or two (without saying spoilers) but the game is called Bunny Hunter so it seems fair that it focuses on the bunnies.

For my English, I know it's not good and I already have those who try to help me, but they are always friends who collaborate with me in their spare time and for free. I don't feel like getting someone involved without giving them money but I don't want to spend that much on a translator.

I know that for a native speaker this can be annoying but my resources are limited now and I don't want to have too many constraints on patreon channels or similar.

Thank you so much for the review.

I really appreciate anyone who wants to help me out.

[Translated with (free version)]

(3 edits)

Glad you understand and can take feedback, good luck on the project.

Honestly i already have enough of human women in real life, haha. But i guess you are right, it would be better to just have more bunnies, but maybe have different designs for them? All the bunnies are kinda similar, broad hips narrow shoulders and are very thicc, maybe there could be a big warrior bunny, like an big strong amazon; or an agile shortstack (short) bunny, like the other ones but smaller and more athletic, less thicc. XD

If you like "big" bunnies, I'll tell you right now that a secret ending contains a goddess....

I love it! the mixture of cute and lewd is such a great balance and I can't wait for more

Hey there, do you have a way where we can support you and your work?

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Thank you for your offer. All I need is for you to play my game and post suggestions and corrections.

Emotional support is already a lot. If you want to give me $2 I don't say no 😄.

Hello, recently ran into an issue with the application, attached is the error message that popped up when launching the application. 

Only at start-up or in a specific situation?

It seems to be the start up, i have already tried to redownload a couple times but seems to always run into the error.

Strange. No one seems to have had the same problem... I'll try and check again tonight.

Nice game ! .Will there be a full game release for free ? 


What about creating Discord server?

Sorry, my English sucks. It would be embarrassing to hear me speak.

HEhehehehe... sigh...

Practice is best expierience :D

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Hey! There's a little bug where you get the wrong exchange of common items. 

  • "Milk for pelt" - but the player receives a wooden statue for the pelt
  • "Bone for wooden statue" generates the wrong Clayre answer but exchanges the right items.
  • Typo in first option "1 Maet (...)", should be "1 Meat (...)"
  • "1 Meat for 1 Royal jelly" - but the player gets milk for pelt (also generates wrong Clayre answer) -> EDIT: Actually no, the player gets the right item but the message is misleading.

Anyway, great job! The game, as well as development, looks promising :)

Thanks for the report!

How do I update without loosing progress in the game

I don't think so (I'm not able to do it). Don't worry, the next update will be the finished game. ;P

Oh ok, that's great but also sad to hear. I love the game, do you think you will make more games in the future?

I think so, but I want to finish this first. I think it will be ready at the end of the year.

Go in the game file, find "www" folder, and move "save" file in new version.

Not going to lie this game is amazing, it has a good combat system that is balanced perfectly with the amount of sexual content on the game, i do love when a game both gets you hyped for the combat and the "content" at the same time.

It´s a hard balance to achieve and i cant wait to play more of this, keep up the awesome work. <3

Thanks for the encouragement. Actually the first version was much more difficult but thanks to some criticism I improved it. XD

I've come across a glitch that if you don't use the boar trophy for an exchange with Claire the first time round you cant do it in the future, she will just keep saying sorry you don't have that trophy. loved the demo by the way i can't wait to see more updates eventually!


Thanks for the heads up, I'll look up where the problem is right away.

Thanks also for the compliments.

The game is downloadable again!

Have fun and let me know if there are any other bugs!


Hey there!

I found a bug where the scene with Fluffy has an infinite loop. After defeating the boss and catching the bunny, the player cannot go any further. Fluffy jumps on the player and everything repeats, so the sex scene cannot initiate.

Check out if you're invoking the correct next event ;). Also is there any place where community can notify you about bugs?

Thanks for the warning. I remove the demo before too many upload it. I am forced to stop for 8 hours, due to my work.


The game and story are nice. There are a few spelling and grammar errors here and there. As well as inconsistencies when using he/she, him/her. Some invisible walls as well on the play area, mainly in the zone with the bridge. Other than these, the game is very nice and has great potential. Keep up the great work!


Thank you!

My problem is I am doing everything by myself and I'm Italian so my English is uncertain (I help myself with Google Translate ...)

I suggest using DeepL instead. It's a far better and more accurate translator.

I thank you very much. It will be very helpful to me!

I will post version 2 of the demo tomorrow, but I will use this site to translate from now on.

What platform is this?

This question may be similiar to one asked by Kanortex and you answer maybe will be same, but do you plan do add defeat scenes to some bosses (like Queen Bee)? Will that require curse plot retcon?

I don't think so, I already have to work on many scenes with the basic bunnies, as well as the secret characters.

Making variations with enemies too would take years of work.

Being my first project, I don't want to overdo it.

The girls are mind-meltingly adorable.

(1 edit)

Bro i have to say that is a pretty good game but yeah its a little difficult, specifically the stun, bro that stun thing is pretty broken in the beginning, but is a really good game btw

All advice is welcome. With the next demo I will make the right corrections.

Thank you bro

oye ¿hay alguna forma de guardar partida y mantenerla despues de salir del juego?

If Google translate says right, you ask me if the game saves the end of the demo. The answer is no, but in the next demo I will give more freedom to the ending.

Si el traductor de Google dice bien, pregúntame si el juego guarda el final de la demostración. La respuesta es no, pero en la próxima demo daré más libertad al final.

(1 edit)

Hey, will you add Anal to this splendid game?
I love it

Edit: Nice. btw besides to the Lewd stuff I enjoy the Dialoges and have genuine fun!


Since most of the enemies seem to have some form of genitalia, you planning on adding some defeat stuff on the side?

Sorry, I didn't quite understand the question. My English is very basic ;D

Let me simplify, the Enemies have penises, did you plan on making them rape the bunnies when the hunter loses?


There are already so many games that do this. I don't think there is a need for Orange and the other poor bunnies to be raped by creepy monsters.

Alright. Just wanted to ask

in ur dev log can you specify when a new build is released? its not that big of a deal but it would be good to know

The problem is that my real job takes me all day and I can only work on the game in my spare time.

I hope to be able to release a second demo in a month or so.

(1 edit)

Also do you think  it might become a 4 player party in the future? seems like theres going to be alot of bunnies and not enough space :) Definately need more bunnies in my group



You need to be more selective with your bunnies. XD

Is there anyway to get back to the house when you pick up the daisy? I cant seem to go back to the house on the world map and since this is the end of the demo cant go forward any further

You're right, there is a map construction error. Thanks for the report

so has that been fixed or what

I fixed it, but I'm waiting to load it because I want to create a second revised demo.


I cant tell if I suck or I am playing wrong, but I am having a hard time getting through the cave level at the beginning.


Maybe it's too hard, I think I'll check and decide to change or not the dificulty of the level.

Thank you for your help.


I am loving the game though, my only nick at the game is the tree boarder texture where it is just solid black, but that is not a big problem, and I cant wait to see this game get updates.

yeah it’s really hard to me as well. I’m not all that good with this type of games :<

I'll lower the difficulty level.

Do you only think about the cave level or about the whole game in general?


any future boy bunnies?


Sorry, but for this project there are no bunny men. Maybe in a sequel...


*sad noises*

amo el juegoooooo espero poder jugarlo completo pronto :D

Cute characters, can't wait to see more!

Certainly hoping for future updates

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