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confused on what the comment from "loverofallholes" wants me to do. there doesn't seem to be any hints on how to do it (i checked blinky)

Talk to yin

i have, she doesn't say anything about it

You must choose to "Have fun with her".


ok i have found all the 4 secret endings,
1st:Real bad ending - go in the maze at blue forest, go until you get a room with a chest, do konami code, battle a wich, titfuck her some times and chose to dilpell the curse.
2nd:Alien ending - after you get to the last boss (the big black bird) go to wolfs den, in the first entrance there will be smoke showing up in the roof go in and enter a new level at the back of the den, go into the space ship, get the blaster at the center of the ship, go to the storage outside of you'r home and talk to A-lin, then go to snowy peaks at the boss area
3rd: Godess Kinght - talking to the squirrel you find the location of the sex tryforce (one is at the river ruin, walk on the liliepads to get the piece, the second is at snowy peaks at the lava area, is in the flaming wall, the last piece i don't remember) build the sex tryforce and go to the god realm, fight the goddes and chose to be her kinght
4th: Harem marriage - get all sex paintings, (if you wanna speedrun the location give to the squirrel a ton of fragments, she will hand you a "book" that contain the locations, thera are 20 in total), in the last one you find a note, go to snowy peaks and go to the dead tree there you will find 8 rings, after that talk to claire ( i think that is her name) and chose wedding, on that point you can chose to marry one or all.

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Bravo! Well done... but watch out: if you don't use Blinky's ability until he tells you about the earthquake in Wolf's Den, you won't find A-lin.

Does anyone know how to get to the witch house?


In the Blue forest ;)

I can’t figure out the konami code secret. Does anyone know how to do it?

In the Blue forest you have to follow the directions of the arrows in the Konami code: north, north, south, etc...

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whenever i exit out of the game and open it back up my save is gone is there something have to do

I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Try starting the game as administrator.

So I tried to do the bunny sanctuary puzzle at the left, and I cant seem to know what to know what to do.

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In the Goddess Sanctuary or in the Ancient Temple?

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Game is still cute as fuck.
Now i have awkward bonners every time i see characters like lola bunny - bugs bunny niece if i recall. Just kidding, but i love the game.

The art is really cute while still being sexy and the game is fun to play overall. Even though its just a catch and fuck them all kind of thing it doesn't get boring. Place like the goddess temple are extremely well thought and immersive to some degree, while the puzzles are not that hard.

If anything the game's overall lack of difficulty would make it a bit dull if not for the cute bunnies and sex scenes, but hey, tis a porn game, wouldn't want to need blood in my brain...

Got a bit of a glitch in the godess temple. The one with the turning statues and the blue buttons. I found the solution, but was trying all combinations instead of following the hint. So i moved too fast and kept moving the statue after the solution was "found". Due to that the trial couldn't be completed and i had to load a previous save.

Oh, and devs, just a tiny bit about language... I know you're italian, not english, and overall it's fine, but could you please change pronouns from "he" to "she"? I mean in the late part of the game you refer to bunnies using the "he" pronoun. "He" is for dudes, "she" would be for women... I don't mind the few other mistakes but male and female differenciations are kindda important to me in a porn game.

Also Jackalope's "deadly vine" skill description seems to still be in italian.

Thanks for the review! For the grammar I'm sorry, the translator doesn't see the bunnies in the feminine and always puts them in the masculine. As soon as I have time I'll look over everything.

No need to be sorry, really.

Just bunny girls being reffered to as "he" is a bit of a bonner-killer for me...
Now to each their own, i don't judge.

Plus rabbit/bunny is indeed a masculine noun in most language.
But female rabbits would still be a "she"... all the more if it's technically a bunny-girl

How do you do the blue statue puzzle?

No idea i did it randomly and now im glitched so do it carefully

Look around the statues. The tiles form a kind of C. Orient the statues in the direction of the empty space.

For example, the first statue on the left must look down.

that was the first thing i did but the flame won't light

Ok i just went back a save and did that room first and for some reason now it works

RPGMaker MV seems to have instability problems. Sometimes it gives these errors and I don't know why.

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I confirm, it was my last room and it's not working either, i try again but this time i did it right after my first room (second place) and it's working

The one in the room where the wall is broken on the right?

No puzzles in that room. Just pull the two levers on the bottom wall.

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I was trying to hint that if he/she's stuck where i think he/she is, the right wall is in ruin and that's the way to go, while still being a bit subtle...
Feel free to delete that post... ^^'

found a glitch where Ben gets stuck on a chair in the haunted mansion dining room. should i reinstall and move the saves?

No just go to a previous save but i fixed it by going through the dialog slower so ben catches up to the bunny before she moves on

How do I make the screenshot turn up as an actual picture not just a pdf

click  shift+windows button+s or print screen and then control+v where do you want to paste it


in this comment area or in a new commen

Deleted 124 days ago

If you press the buttons, don't the statues rotate?

They do its just the fact that the answer is that on the screenshot and says im done for the puzzel but the game doesn't register it so i can't continue also it keeps that data like that no matter what

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How to find last secret bunny. I try everything and i cant find it. Can someone give me a hint? And bonus question how many sex scenes jackalope has? I have only 2 but every other bunny have 3.

All secrets are revealed by Blinky's ability, as long as you pay in resources.

sooooo i just missed something ok and thx

Author can you say have many endings i this game?I just want to be shure that i dont miss anything

- 7 endings (one for each bunny), plus 4 secret endings.

Yes I have 7 endings with bunny
1 ending - witch where she remove curse from ben
2 ending - with goddes when you become her herald
3 edning - with alien bunny
4 ending - ? what I miss can you say
And game is really great as I sa i am gonna wait news from you about your next project really hope its gonna be soon and think about furry girls specie that I propose with impregnation and pregnancy please. You make great endings fro bunny that we where able impregnate its the most lovely and great endings only one sad they not colourfull

So many spoilers!

... Anyway... have you collected all the Do!Art 19 of them are lying around, the last one is... secret! Find all 19 Do!arts and look at them, find the 20 and you'll get your answer.

Version 1.1 released at lightning speed.

 Bug fixed:

- Fixed an error with Clayer that made it impossible to refuse to exchange the trophy on the first encounter.

- It is no longer possible to trade with Clayre twice for the same trophy.

- Fixed an issue at the entrance of the Ancient Temple that allowed you to pass through the colons.

- It is now possible to return from the Ancient Temple to the River Ruins to go home without teleporting.

- Fixed a bug where the secret ending of Ancient Goddess could not be seen.

- Changed Ben's movement that could cause problems in the Haunted Mansion.

You can re-download it and manually transfer the saves, it should work.

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I don't know about anyone esle but i have this problem with the ancient shrine where the puzzle where there are four blue statues and you turn them apparently i was clicking them randomly hopeing to get the right answer because im dumb and i got it but the clicked that button again and it turned the statue so now it says i completed that puzzel in the room but in the main hall it says i haven't done it and each time i return to the room to reset it all it does is leaves the right answer so i can't pass and ive tried a new game even uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing works.

Can you take a screenshot so I can understand better? So I can see if it's an RPGMaker instability problem or not.

Sure i uninstalled again so ill play through the game and when i get there if its still like that ill send the screenshot

I don't know if anyone else is found this, but you can't get into the rover ruins from the ancient temple. You just get stuck and have to use a teleport home crystal, and I've only found 3, unless im blind, so you could get stuck.

Other than that game runs fine enough

I'll have to look into that, thanks for the report.

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I found a bug in the game. When I choose to be herald, the screen goes black and nothing happens. But i still can open inventory and other options. By the way one of the best
 games I have ever played.

Thanks for the compliments and for the report.

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I have the same situation when choose be herald black screen and thats all



After you meet the ghost lady with the white bunny and the conversation finished, you can't move with Ben.

Try reloading the save. It doesn't usually freeze.

I tried it a couple times, but i will give it some more try, thank you!^^

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I have the same issue. Unfortunately, reloading doesn't work for me.

I think that the issue is with the scene. It does not end, so the player is stuck, and he cannot also display the menu.


I have to figure out what the problem is, because it doesn't do that to me.

I think the game does not like amd graphics cards. I replaced it with my old GeForce and its working now.

Hmm.. I have GTX 1070ti and it doesn't work.

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Ok, I've disassembled the game to check out where is the bug and I think I have a solution

[The problem]

It actually seems that RPGMaker is based on x86 mode and is using outdated techniques. It mostly relies on time-based mechanics rather than algorithm-based. What I mean is that this engine trusts in time, that an event will be realized in a certain amount of time, rather than it actually checks if the event occurred.

[Idea of solution]

The way you can fix this in the game is to add an additional move to the left at this certain moment. I don't know, maybe it will force the player character to do this required movement to proceed in the scene.

[Working solution for players]

Run this game in compatibility mode of Windows XP (nothing more!). It doesn't work with Vista and higher operating systems.

What is more, this might fix other bugs that are related to the engine

EDIT: Nevermind, it still doesn't work well. However what is working is not rushing the sceneWhen it's played don't try to speed thing up, it will break it. Just allow it to play slowly.


You are a genius and I feel like a fool. I'm not a programmer and I use RPGMaker in a very basic way. I'll try to do what you said and modify Ben's movement.

Thanks a lot for the advice.

Hah, don't worry. I know that it is extremely hard to find that issue and I don't think there is any of your fault. They should have planned the engine better.

Anyway, I will continue hunting the bugs. Not sure if I've asked, but do You use github for this project?

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Hey, a great game made with great effort. There are a few bugs I found

  • The player cannot decline barter of trophy with Clayre. Option "No" is bugged and turns to an infinite loop.
    (Clicking Claire -> Trophies -> "No" option is bugged)
  • Don't know if it's intentional. The game doesn't have an icon.

Here is the view from the taskbar 

That's all for now. I'll post if I'll find more. I added the etiquette on the top to make this post more visible.


I don't know, some bugs seem to appear randomly. I'll try to check again when I have time. Thanks for the information.

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OMG!Thanks author! Gonna download and play it, thanks. I really hope that new project also gonna include huge breasted furries that we gonna be able impregnate. Good luck! And gonna check news from you!


Thank you very much for your work, I say this both as a bunny lover, and as a guy who has seen far to many projects like this give their fans the run around. Your etiquette and timely work is admirable even by itself.

Thanks for the compliments.

Its one day left but I question myself if I gonna be able to play it because i  live in kharkiv ukraine and hear how bombs blowing in my city


Shit! I saw on the news. What a bad situation! Hang in there!

is there any way of making the screen bigger its just a small box at the momen

No, sorry.

Everything is set to that resolution, if I change it, everything gets messed up.

you sneaky italian, the red stone of daja? that jojo reference will not go unnoticed.


To all U.S. veiwers that is 02/26/22.


X(  sorry, in Italy we put the day before the month.

Thought I'd transcribe the date for players in the US

Actually, it's a European format :p

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Hello! So if everything gonna be fine in next week we finally can enjoy this game yes?Nothing change nothing happen?


Release date 90% confirmed.


Next Tuesday I will tell you if it will be 100%.


So hopefully next week finally gonna be able to play your awesome game


Happy Valentines Day!

Thanks! Same to you.

Here's a question that might send a relief to those who enjoy this
If the Full game is out, will it be free to download?

Yes, completely free.


just great, cute designs, fun story, fun gameplay, great sex scenes. 10/10 all the way from me

Thanks man!

In truth the demo is full of bugs, I hope to have fixed in the final version.

Author sorry forget to ask in game when its gonna be released  will be gallery where its gonna be possible to see all pictures and scenes with all bunnie creature and repeat events?

Apart from one particular scene (which you will only see once) all other events are infinitely repeatable. Go to the bunnies and ask to "have fun with her".

With all the bunnies and... "other"...

I wish it was mobile and you didn't have to download it

Nice game. Really cute.

It felt like Orange was an early game kind of character only though, and that's kind of sad cause i consider her the cutest.

It is partially due to the fact i only had one weapon to share for several characters. Wich might not be a problem in the full game.

"Caught" is the more commonly accepted form for "catched", but the obsolete form you use mix well with the medieval setting, to the point i wonder if you didn't do it on purpose

Thank you.

Orange would be the "main girl", and she will always have her space in the game.

Later on you will notice that some bunnies can also use other weapons.

Fluffy's ability to create gloves and Valkiry's ability (which you will see in the final version) are also more valuable.

For "caught"... it wasn't intended, but let's pretend it was, please. ;P


Yeah i noticed Fluffy's gloves, they are actually superior to the... "bronze knucke" was it? Wich is a bit surprising, but overall a good thing given that there is an endless supply of pelt and only one knuckle. But Orange doesn't seem to be able to equip them, or any weapon other than the knuckle, but then maybe i missed some.

On a side note it's a bit confusing to know wich character can equip wich weapon. I mean the hunter equips only knifes and short swords, in the demo at least, but others can equip gloves, whip and knuckle kind of at random. Or at least i fail to see the logic behind the weapon selection.

Each bunny has its own class, but they are mainly divided into 5 groups: 

Balanced fighters with melee weapons - Orange, Yang

Fast fighters with light and ranged weapons - Fluffy, Blinky

Buffer and debuffer with few weapons - Sunny, Yin (except her who has a whip)

Unarmed mage - Jackalope

Tough fighters with cutting weapons - Ben, Valkiry

However Orange can wear gauntlets.

The boar hide was not exchanged in the beginning and now the people act like it does not exist even thought it is in my inventory.

Scratch this. At the end, Fluffy goes crazy and I can make infinite boar armors

I know, there is a problem in the demo with the trophies. Already solved in the final version.

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Can you say when you gonna release full game its gonna be better start from begining or we can use saves fro previous version?
Also really cant wait to see this sexy bunnies in some wedding dreses and wedding lingerie!

If all goes well, the game will be released on 26 February. You won't be able to use the same saves, but there are changes, so you'll have to play it all over again.

Ome more month. Waiting is really cruel torture. But  the  prize is worth it)

Can you also say all bunnies gonna be in sexy wedding dress and lingerie or only some of the them?

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The font used in the game bothers me.

 I am not a native English speaker, so I need to use OCR to recognize words and translate them immediately when I play.

 But this font will make OCR make a mistake, recognizing T as C and h as b.

Excuse me, I am Italian and I also struggle with English (I use Deepl Translator).

I wanted to use a more medieval font.

Can you recommend one that gives the idea, but is more readable?

I replaced the font file of fonts, which has been perfectly solved.


im probly dumb but how do you get inside the haunted house thanks and great gam

You must enter the River ruins and unlock the character of "White bunny". She will take you to the Haunted Mansion.

thank you  got in cant wait for the next update 

Developer, be careful to not burn out.

So long no new news regarding update(Hope developer is ok and new year dont strike him so much

You are right, as far as the actual game is concerned it is progressing well.

I'm in the programming phase now (items, events, abilities, secrets, etc..) so it's hard to show anything that makes sense without making too many spoilers.

I'll try to update you guys anyway, but I'm sorry not to show pictures as well. In the end it's a wall of half Italian half English text. XD

Im lost, Like I dont know where to go next. I got the third bunny and I cant enter the spooky house. What do I do here?

After finding Sunny, the River Ruins should appear on the map. There you should find Yang and she will take you to the Haunted House.

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