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Bunny Hunter: Bunnygotchi is a spin-off of the Bunny Hunter series.

A silly and very simple game, a parody of the Tamagotchi with horny bunnies and unlockable sex scenes.

Click buttons until the bunny gets horny, but be careful not to go too low on health, satiety and happiness.

With a 'gatcha' system you can get one of 9 bunnies, divided into 4 rarity levels.

Sorry, but there is no gallery mode, so you'd better make saves for your favourite bunnies. 

This version has CynderDryadVA's voice: @CynderDryadVA - cinderdryadva.newgrounds.com-  www.patreon.com/cinderdryadva

Follow me on Twitter  https://twitter.com/DOGames7

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
AuthorDO! Game
TagsAdult, Casual, Cute, Erotic, Female Protagonist, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes


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when I try to convert it it says that its corrupted or has missing parts.

how many rabbits are there in the game?

Nine. It says so above.

I thought the same but I have 11 rabbits now, that's why I came to take the doubt

look, all spaces are occupied from 1 to 11 with different rabbits.

I can only find the 9 and the glitched one.

just 100% the game

same but i dont know whats the diffrent between glitch white and normal was ist Ana...?

i think its just what type of interaction they like 

What does the bulter.exe do?


It is the launcher for the itch.io app, without that file it cannot start from there.


any plans on adding more content or its just where its at?


maybe in the future

5 euro, consideralo come se ti avessi offerto un birretta. O come se fossi la nonnina della vecchia pubblicità del McDonalds XD

HAHAhahaha, grazie per la birra e Buon Natale XD

Is this a one-off thing, or do you plan on actually updating it sometime?

i constantly get ,,failed to load" errors, is there any way to fix that

try starting the game as administrator

I downloaded and decompressed the game but there is no games application file

(2 edits)

I found w#ite bunny... but I don't know what's different... I hoped it might be boy... but it looks like just errored white bunny...

I tried getting her to -30 lust to see what would happen. Nothing did. The only thing I see different in her gameplay is the random increases in lust.


pretty sure i got all 9 bunnies. i really like the game would like too see more scenes and variable in traits and such like dominate on more some more RNG i guess. if it ever updated at least thats my hope otherwise a very cute and simple game i look forward too more of your work and ty kindly.


Really cool game! Bunnies are pretty nice, expecting more! Also, will it have futa? lol 

Here is an idea if you want to go with it for possible expanded stuff.  How about a breaking point were the player gets the 4 stats and the player can merge it with something parodying a digi device.  Maybe even a slight hub world (more like a representation of the player's room or home) for those the player breaking point with.  So far the game is really cute.


A wonderful game <3 very cute. Personally I prefer Bunny Hunter because the characters were absolutely adorable and made the scenes better. Love the work you put into these games, hope to see another rpg or similar styled game with a story <3 <3 .

While naming your bunny, you have 2 sets of capitals instead of capitals and lower case letters. Or 1 set of all capitals 


is the font, it is the same in both lower and upper case.

Will there be a android version as well ?

I tried an android publication but it gives a lot of errors.


You can play on Android using app called JoiPlay. I played the game for a bit and it seems to work flawlessly.